Sunday, May 02, 2010

Progress pictures

This is the bit that makes me feel really uncomfortable:

Picture 1 is summer 2007 - probably my heaviest ever.
Picture 2 is front view at start of pre-op diet.
Picture 3 is front view 1 month post op.
Picture 4 is side view at start of pre-op diet.
Picture 5 is side view 1 month post op.

I'm trying to remember to take monthly comparison pictures, wearing the same clothes.

Must do something with my hair!

&hearts &hearts &hearts

It's a 3 day weekend!
I'm trying to get my work (school prep and marking, plus some studying I am doing for the Masters degree that seemed like a good idea a little while ago...)over with today so that I have a day free to knit, walk (well wrapped-up - it's down to 8 degrees again here)and catch up with Grey's Anatomy on Sky+)


Rushton said...

You're doing great!
I may have a 3 day weekend as well. Flooding has closed my road and much of the surrounding area.
Knitting on my cosmicpluto top-down raglan in the dark of no power! Well, as you can see power has been restored!
Good news from my doc, my sugar levels are in normal range...for now.
Bless you! You ARE looking fabulous!

iwishiwas said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, very brave. You are doing great and should be proud! Isn't the weather awfully cold, no sitting in the garden for this bank holiday!

Vanessa Hubbard said...

Look at how much longer your trousers are now!!!

I'd like to think I'm the same shape as you now, but I suspect it's the other photo that is more like me!

Well done.