Thursday, April 29, 2010

Towards the end of a rather tiring week.

Matching socks and phone cosy... it's all a bit sad really.

Still, it keeps my handbag stuff from scratching the screen of my nice, new, but-not-an-i phone.

A rather trying week at work. Nevermind. The garden is nice and we have a 3 day weekend approaching.

j is in London and it feels so odd without him around. What am I going to do in October when he goes away to university? How do people cope?


iwishiwas said...

It is a challenging time for teenagers when they move away from home. But that whole going to university thing is so hard for the parents too, and it doesn't get easier after holidays or weekend visits. On the plus side the house is tidy and you can enjoy some peace and quiet.

ravelling said...

Thanks :)