Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well, survived my first week back at work
My colleagues were all really supportive and interested. (In fact, there's still a digram of my new insides, with Betty clearly labelled, on the whiteboard in the staffroom - for the visual learners )

It was my birthday - 47th - yesterday. I was bemoaning how it seems so much nearer 50 than 46 did, and I was told to shut up and be happy that I look so much younger than I did last year!

Had my first real experience of dumping last night and learned a valuable lesson about reading the label.

A person could be forgiven for believing that an organic yoghurt with prunes and seeds should be good for a person, surely! Reading the label would have revealed that the healthy ingredients were masking 23% sugar. Yikes!

Felt shakey, tearful and absolutely drained. Also, slightly disorientated. Had to go to bed for half an hour to pull round. Bounced back quickly enough, but it has given me and the lads an idea of what I look and feel like when this happens. Now to make sure it happens as little as possible in the future!

&hearts &hearts &hearts

Finished my latest pair of Monkeys - just in time for sandal weather, but what the heck! Here they are relaxing by the pond:

♥ ♥ ♥

In the garden, Spring is finally arriving. Can you see the tadpoles here? The pond looks like it is bubbling - there are so many taddies at various stages of development.

Found two Snake's Head Fritillaries in the woodland area this afternoon:

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iwishiwas said...

Sounds like you are doing great, and back at work so soon. Look forward to seeing some photographs of the "new you"! Hope you had a great birthday.