Thursday, April 22, 2010

My week at work

Working and working with Betty-the-bypass-pouch is taking more getting used to than I thought it would.

I get up early, as I always did, and browse the interweb news while I drink a glass of water and get all my pills down. Then I make a latte (how I love my Gaggia and am so glad I can still drink coffee!) and take it back upstairs to drink with J. Ido make him one too! Sometimes this is the only timewe get to catch up when life is really busy.

I take a Weetabix to work with me (My life is one big pile of tiny tupperware boxes at the moment) and eat it while I do my diary and answer messages.

I'm managing a good fluid intake during the morning, which is good.

Lunch at school is usually a bit rushed, and Betty hasn't coped with being rushed at all. I have had really tight restriction at lunchtimes this week. So lunch has been really unsuccesful. The solution has been to take a scoop of protein shake powder with me the last two days. This mixed into milk has been manageable. I'm using My Protein True Whey, which has 19g of protein, 98 cals and low sugar. Just wish it came in smaller tubs. I have a 90 serving tub of banana at the moment and sometimes long for something different - like the Raspberry.

I've been more tired than I could have imagined too. My job is busy and fairly intense on a daily basis and I am feeling totally drained by 5:30 each evening.

Roll on the weekend!


Diane in Chico said...

Hi there, Ravelling. I've been reading your blog for a long while. Just thought I'd drop in and say, "You go, girl."

OK, back to lurking....

Diane - a stranger from Chico, California, USA

ravelling said...

Thanks Diane!
Gill x