Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm knitting again!

After a long absence (enforced by my orthopaedic surgeon and recently diagnosed Kienbock's disease), I am now knitting again. It's been odd, not being able to pick up the needles.
As soon as I was able, I didn't really feel like it. This was related to the project I was working on. I hated the colour of the yarn I was using.
So, I decided that, as it was superwash wool, I would try to overdye it. Fail!

Lovely colour, but felted so small they will do as slippers for my 5 year old niece if I sew some non-slip soles on. Never mind!

Back to the drawing board and some comfort-knitting. Another pair of Monkeys. This time in
Socks That Rock (mediumweight). The colour is Love in Idleness.

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