Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow

I've had a week off for my surgery and then two weeks' Easter holidays. I went to work for a day last week to see what state my post pile was in and to print out and collate a lot of data analysis I've been doing during the holiday. As there were only four of us in it was relaxed and free from the usual work-issues.

One of my colleagues is stranded in Portugal thanks to the Icelandic volcanic erruption. He won't be able to get a flight home for another week yet. It seems unreal and slightly ridiculous in today's world of the global village. I wish I'd seen it coming ;) Could have been stranded somewhere warm!

Still, there are signs all over the garden that spring is getting here. Even though it is only 10 degrees today and J is out gardening in his anorak!

Yesterday was relatively warm and we drove over to Saltburn, which was very busy. Then back along the coast.


Rushton said...

I've lurked a year or so on your blog - commented a couple of times. I am so pleased you are well and going back to school tomorrow. I know your students have missed you!
I'm even more interested now as I am pretty sure my final diagnosis in the next few days will be diabetes. I want you to know you are an encouragement to me. You have kept a positive attitude through your wrist struggles and your surgery. And then there's the knitting! I'm so glad you can knit again. I believe I'd lose what little is left of my mind after these last few weeks.
Bless you! Bless this blog! Keep on knitting!
By the way, I am also a teacher...second grade again after 30 years in secondary. It's a blast!

ravelling said...

Thank you for your comments :)

Glad to hear you are enjoying working with the littler ones again. I hope you have good news from your DR.