Friday, April 02, 2010


Should probably have marked this post not safe for children or at work, but what the heck! Look away if you are easilly upset!
My abdomen now:

It’s unbelievably swollen. I look much bigger than I did before I went into hospital, although I weigh less.

I seem to have spent all day working on eating and drinking, which is weird as I used to spend much of my time avoiding food.

Made a list of things that might work with the new, pureed diet stage and headed out to Tesco. Managed to get everything except Dutch crispbakes and I should probably not really have them anyway. I’m just craving something crunchy and I read that they are pouch-safe as they go to dust/mush in the mouth anyway.

What I ate today:

½ Weetabix with milk
Small latte
Petite Filous fromage frais
250mls Covent Garden winter veg soup, blended
Tbspn Mash with swede and carrot
Pureed veg with cheese stirred in
Apple puree and Angel Delight

Didn’t drink enough water, will try harder tomorrow.

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