Thursday, April 01, 2010

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

Great anticipation, this morning! If I can keep 6 spoonfuls of runny porridge down, I can go home. Felt really anxious about it, yet bouyed up by having slept from 9pm the previous evening with only 3 periods awake. Obviously what my body needed.

Managed the porridge, but I must admit, the odd gurgling and draining sensations take some getting used to.

Saw Maureen Boyle, the specialist dietician, who filled me full of confidence about my ability to cope with this new diet and lifestyle.
Saw Mr Mawaher (?Sp), Mr Small’s registrar, and was discharged. Wounds checked – all fine, no sutures or clips.
J and j collected me after a lunch of mashed potato (ate 3 teaspoons) and pureed mince (ate none, just can’t do that kind of thing).

Wonderful to be home. I was a bit emotional.

Spent a bit of time explaining to J and j that I was going to be ok and that things weren’t going to be too strange. j and I had a long chat about how frightened he had been on Monday night. He’d ‘played’ with the idea that I would die, which is the kind of thing I do. (Catastrophising, not dying!)

Had a shower! Bliss! Clean hair and no hospital smell. J took me for a drive to the beach.

Ate a small fromage frais, then later some baked beans pureed with grated cheese.
Must remember to drink more.

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