Friday, May 28, 2010

What I will be doing on my holidays:

Emergency baby knitting. I planned this as a gift for my teaching partner's new grandchild, due in 6 weeks. However, another colleague has found out she is to become a grandmother in the next two weeks - it's complicated, and I admire her coping skills. So this will have to be diverted (and knitted!) this week.

I was planning to make this for my neice, but it will have to go into the queue.

And I'm going to put this in the bin and start again. It feels like heresy, but I've had two goes at this and it isn't happening for me. I've also run out of wool with only one sleeve completed. Time to cut my loses, I think.

We survived an inspection at work this week, and did I received some very positive, encouraging personal feedback that should keep me going through the next lot of tough times. So, as half term starts today, I'm going to be putting my feet up a bit, exercising a bit knitting a bit and chilling out.

Currently listening to: The History of Fairport Convention.

Another teenage crush:


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