Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brit Floyd

I've never been to see a tribute band before. In fact, I would say that we probably avoid the idea like the plague. It brings up images of Creme Brulee for me.

So, when we won four tickets to see Brit Floyd at The Sage this weekend, we weren't expecting much. (In fact, it felt like a sad irony, given that we failed to get the tickets we wanted for The Wall next week)

We arranged to meet J's sister and her husband up there and headed off, planning to get there early and have a drink and something to eat. Unfortunately, we got snagged up in the fallout from an accident on the other carriageway of the A19, so things felt a bit frayed by the time we got there.

So, it was a pleasant surprise to find we were in the fourth row from the front and to find that the quality of the musicianship was spot on. We got a 'greatest hits' type set that you would never get from the real thing, even if they were still performing together (or were even all still alive for that matter). I really enjoyed Comfortably Numb, The Great Gig in the Sky, Wish You Were Here and Echoes.
The guy in the seat next to me fumbled around in his little stash tin for a square of blotting paper and proceeded to take that during Shine on You Crazy Diamond - just for a bit of added atmosphere.

My only real issue with the band was their lack of stage presence. I'd like to see a little bit more personality. (Maybe it was just the fact that the guitarist looked uncannily like my first husband!)

Overall, a good night.

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