Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily intake

Yesterday, someone asked me what I ate. It almost seemed an odd question, as I don't really think about it much any more. I'm 16 months post op and my weight doesn't change much at the moment.

This is an honest recount of what I ate yesterday.

Up early, enjoying the quiet:
Skinny latte

Skinny latte
(small pause)
1 and a half small crustless cheese, tomato and spring onion crustless quiches
Handfull of blackberries

Hard bolied egg
Small serving of salad from Morrison's deli counter

Knitting group:
Large skinny latte

Small bowl of beef casserole with green vegetables

Small packet Kallo rice cakes
Four Foxes wholemeal crackers with a banana on top
Two half glasses of wine topped up with water (have to really pace myself these days as get drunk really quickly!)
Muller rice

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