Friday, July 29, 2011

Unfeasibly large vegetables

When we were kids there were lots of Leek Shows around. there don't seem to be so many in the area now. They were big business, too, with large cash prizes causing unparalleled rivalry and dirty tricks. Look North abounded with stories of sabotage and leek rustling. God, how I miss Mike Neville and George House!

Anyway, today we went to Gateshead Summer Flower Show, as we do every year. There was a reassuring large range of vegetables on display, along with a pitiable selection of handicrafts and jam tarts that always make me swear that I will enter something next year. I never do, though. Part of the pleasure is disdaining other people's efforts. That's why you have to queue to walk around the display tables, like you are filing past Lenin's tomb.

Loved this collage of the Tyne Bridges:

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