Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sunderland International Airshow 2011

One of J's sisters lives very near the sea front in South Bents, Sunderland. It's a really convenient location for watching the airshow. Unfortunately, it gets so busy and unpleasant on airshow weekend that they usually go away instead!

This year they were at home and another sister, her husband, J and I went up to have lunch and watch some planes.

Photographing them was difficult because of the speed, light levels and the three glasses of wine I had during the course of the afternoon.

The weather was the usual for this part of the world. Freezing winds and high levels of UV. Everyone got burned, whilst simultaneously being chilled to the bone. J took refuge under his hood in between spitfires. (Pictures of which, I managed to delete this morning by accident!)


My Heart Exposed Yarns said...

brilliant photographs :)

Diane in Chico said...

Wonderful pictures!