Saturday, August 27, 2011

The spirit of autumn takes a first stealing flight

After all the renovation work, I finally managed to bring my spinning wheel down from j's room, where it was living in relative safety, and find it a home where it's easy to access. So, I'm spinning again.

I bought two pieces of wool top from My Heart Exposed, in sympathetic colours and broke them down into lengths for fractal spinning. I'm doing one of each in turn. I'm trying to create yarns in larger quantities than the 100g batches I have been spinning so far, so combining the colours of some of the fibre I have accumulated so far seems like an interesting idea.

I like the way it's coming out, so far. The colours remind me of the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. The greens are still vibrant, the roses and poppies are still in bloom, but there are plums and apples starting to ripen and the leaves on the hollyhocks are starting to rust.

It's not a set of colours I would normally choose, especially for clothes, but I'm trying to experiment a bit.

I can't decode whether the singles will be best plied together of each Navajo-plied on it's own. I've yet to start practising Navajo plying, but have been watching this video.

I got a new Wold bowl. Perfect for handspun skeins. (Or apples, I guess.)

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