Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Home improvements

After what seems like years of putting off, we're redoing our living room. The reasons for procrastination were many-fold: the lizards are difficult to move and rehouse, even temporarily, we still quite liked the paper, we could live with the fireplace, the sofas were still comfy even if they are starting to be a bit worn in places.

Well, this week we took the plunge. The old fire has been removed.The surrounding tiles are being more resistant to change than we had hoped (J never puts anything on as a half measure, so what did he expect?), so there will need to be some replastering. The paper came off to reveal a salmon pink paint job we had completely forgotten about! I don't think we ever had the walls this colour, I think it was to stabilise the old plaster.

Of course, the knock on effect of clearing one room is that everything needs to go somewhere. Our dining room now homes four five six, can't count, lizards and piles of furniture. Our dumpy frog is now living on the landing at the top of the stairs and our bedroom is only navigable by sidling around the edge of the bed. God knows what I'll do if the new mattress we ordered arrives this week.

Could be worse. j is faced with having to explain to any visitors he may have, why there is a spinning wheel (with some yarn in progress) sitting at the foot of his bed.

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