Sunday, August 07, 2011

All I got is a photograph

I have an android phone and am trying to get good use out of it. Recently I downloaded the Vignette app. I love the vintage effects. They remind me of our old albums and boxes of photographs that I have in the wardrobe from when we were kids. I must spend some (?! who am I kidding? Weeks!) time putting all the loose pictures into albums and scanning them onto disc.

During the current reorganisation, some loose snaps came to light in strange places. Mostly dropping out from between the pages of books. Here are a few.

Mum and Dad's wedding, Rotherham, in 1961. I remember her glasses and (really expensive) suit from my childhood dressing up box. Mum felt she was too old for a wedding dress. I've had two weddings and no wedding dress for either!

My maternal grandad, Joe Ashley, in his garden in Billingham, early 60's I would guess. I still remember the smell of that garden.

My maternal nana, Nora Ashley from the same day. Lovely lady, who died when I was 18. Great sense of fun, loved lurex and ric-rac braid.

1980, I think, judging by the posters. I know there is a purplish filter over this, but my hair did have pink and purple highlights. (And a perm!)

1994 probably. Mum and j at Beamish Museum (one of his favourite childhood haunts), the year before she died. Looking in the mirror now I see a dark version of her looking back at me.

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