Friday, August 26, 2011

There were these tree fellers

Actually, most days there were just two.

But the Eucalyptus that was leaning towards the house, in a menacing way, is down now. It got to about 60 feet tall a couple of years ago, so J and a couple of friends (the tree fellers, say it with an Irish accent) took the top and most of the big branches off it. Last winter is developed a diagonal crack down the trunk, so it had to go. They cut it down to 30 feet to minimise the risk of it coming down on the house, but the weight of the ivy that covers it and the shallow roots meant that it continued to loom at the house - pointing directly at my new bathroom and living room!

So, down it came in three sections.

The ivy stems are as wide as my wrist.

No wonder it was so heavy.

It's just lying here now, waiting to be chainsawed into moveable pieces and turned into plant stands and a series of really aromatic bonfires.

The residents of the pond are a bit disgruntled, but J managed to ensure that nothing came down into their home.

We're not usually people for cutesy garden ornaments, but j chose this when he was about 4 years old. It came to light somewhere under the tree. Can't help worrying that it might have marked the grave of some small pet (fish or hamster). Anyway, he's sitting, eating his sandwich, in one of J's deck pots now. Somewhere out there is another of j's gnomes. It's a 1950s painted plaster job, given to him by the old lady who lived out the back of my mum. I wonder if that survived the tree fellers.

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