Monday, August 08, 2011

How I spend my days

Lately, my days have been spent, largely, shopping for building and decorating materials and then trying to find space to shoe-horn them into the rooms that are not being refurbished. I am currently squeezed in the dining room between a pile of new curtains, rolls of wallpaper and an oak fire surround. Some of the temporary changes, I like and they will be here to stay. I've grown accustomed to the comforting glow of a small table lamp that has been rehomed onto the dining table that is my desk. I'm going to keep it.

Other temporary changes are a bit wearing. All the downstairs windows are open and, despite it being August, I'm freezing. The weather is grey, overcast and rainy. It's about 11 degrees outside and feels the same in here.

To combat this, I'm wearing a sale purchase intended for the Autumn.

Except mine is shiny black and has a detachable fur hood (which I am also wearing). I was very pleased with this. Thought I looked sort of stylish, yet warm. It's a far remove from the bodywarmers advertised in the Sunday supplements for people of my age, in what j describes as 'paedo-beige'. Don't ask me why, but I know what he means.
Anyway, in the hour and a half I have been wearing this I've weathered 'funny looks' from j and his girlfriend. "ok, is that a gilet you are wearing?". Not as bad, however, as J's response when I passed a mug of tea up the ladder to him.

"Why are you dressed as Eno?" Honestly, some people have no sense of style!

As I can't get on with any proper cleaning, housework or work work at the moment. I have fallen back on knitting. I've got an acute case of startitis and have cast on two new projects:

Fiddlehead mittens:

and Turmeric, in the thinnest yarn imaginable. This will keep me busy for a while!

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