Saturday, November 12, 2011


I;ve been reading some new blogs recently, and followed  Sadie's link to Franca's post on make up and the not wearing of it. 

It's interesting. I wear make up for work every day. It makes me feel 'finished'. Maybe it's an age thing. It feels odd to put on workwear without adding my 'face'.

I also feel that I look haggard quite easily these days and without a tan, my skin quickly moves from pale to blue-tinged and anaemic-looking with dark circles under my eyes. Not the look I'm usually going for.

At the weekend, though, I usually don't bother during the day (although I do feel a bit naked without mascara, so often wear that). 

My clothes are quite different, too. It's almost like I have two identities!

So, to add to the online list, here's my make-upless photo.

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