Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine!

Well, it’s Valentine Day!

I only know this because, when I fired up the intyweb this morning, I wondered what the Google Doodle was about and then I realised. It’s a lovely little film btw.

I can’t remember when I last got a Valentine’s card.

I remember my first: posted by my mum, I recognised the badly disguised handwriting; I was about 9.

I remember my first from a boy: PR, he was an eco-warrior at my environmental protest group (ok, so he was a pipe-fitter as well, but it was his principles and long hair I fell in love with rather than his ability to reroute my parents’ gas supply at cost) and it was handmade from recycled paper; I was 16. I wonder what he’s doing now.

It’s not something J and I do.

We barely manage to remember our wedding anniversary to be honest. But today, before work, he’s running j over to the garage to drop his car off for a service, then at lunchtime he’s running over to the next town to pick up the garden furniture I bought yesterday - organising everything around his own job. Last night I didn’t miss University Challenge because he Sky+ed it for me and he’ll still let me put my cold feet in his lap and give me a foot massage while we watch TV.
Better than petrol station flowers any day!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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