Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mad dogs and Englishmen

Boy, I ache this morning. Paying for yesterday's enthustiastic rush out into the sunshine and the garden.

Feels like the Summer might finally be on its way today. 23 degrees this morning. I know because I was sitting in the car while J called at a couple of places to give quotations for work. Dogs and WIVES can overheat in cars in the summer! AND I hadn't brought any knitting and had to make do with an old magazine I found under the seat. Still, the day got better.

Bet there was some sunburn at the football! It looked very hot in Manchester. England's second victory in the friendlies before Paraguay next week. Great score too, but it should really have been more given the quality of the Jamaican competition. I'm quite enjoying the football, but the flags are getting on my nerves a little. It's not that I'm not patriotic - I like to see them flying from houses and other buildings, but I find the car flags irritating and distracting in busy traffic. Killjoy woz ere.

Finally took the winter panels off the deck porch after the footie and started to clear some space for sitting. I've never known J leave the perspex panels (which turn the whole back of the house into a big greenhouse to protect our more tender plants) on this late before. Just shows how odd the weather has been.

The aliums are finally full globes.

Another of the aquilegias we grew from seed from the Walled Garden is flowering. I love the cottage feel of these plants.

This choisya (which was supposed to be a dwarf - Aztec Pearl - but isn't) smells fantastic.

The shady woodland area at the bottom of the garden was a lovely, cool place to be yesterday afternoon. The clematis montana looks fantastic dangling from the trees against the almost black fence.

Every year we seem to move more and more towards purple shades in the garden. I don't think it's a conscious decision, just the colours we (I) like. J is still partial to bright oranges and pinks but tends to confine himself to annuals and small splashes of these colours.

Back to work tomorrow and I have done no work! Will have to spend today catching up and making sure j has done any homework projects/nagging him into starting them today.


Debi said...

Hi Gill-

thanks for visiting and thanks for the compliments! get yourself an exotic, you won't be sorry...Pumpkin is the sweetest boy!

Judith said...

Loved your beautiful garden. This time last year we had just arrived in UK for a 7month stint and had a great time.

Home in Australia now where I need the heater on all day, it's dark early, and the trees in my garden have no leaves!

Cheers, Judith

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, lucky you for having such wonderful weather - here it almost seems as if the flowers and blooms would freeze to death :(( I love all your flower pics, they're so very gorgeous - such an awesome garden that you have!