Saturday, June 10, 2006

Struggling for title which wittily links football and knitting...

Another mad week at work - the extension to the Infant building is nearly ready to have work start on this interiors. It would be plain sailing if we weren't also tring to teach Infants in this building. Small children and construction sites are a tense mix.


32 degrees in the back garden this afternoon. This is the view I have of J most of the time during the Summer. He's either working or assuming this position.

Sometimes he's just a disembodied voice from within the greenery - you'd think it would be hard to loose a man who's 6 feet 5 inches, but it isn't at the height of the growth season.
It was so warm that the ice plant (a relative of the mesembryathemum, we think) from Lanzarote felt right at home.

Irises are doing spectacularly well this year. We divided most of them up last year, so that has helped.

I sat on the deck, trying for a bit of shade and cast on another Shapely Tank. This one's in Schachenmayr Aurora Color, which is a cotton/acrylic tape yarn. The colourway is Berries and Cream - it looks a little more subtle in real life than this photo. I'm making good progress on the San Francisco Shirttails but, true to form, as soon as I start a sleeved sweater there is a heatwave, so I thought another Shapely would be useful.

This made for good World Cup knitting this afternoon as England V Paraguay was less exciting than we had hoped. Towards the end of the second half there was a knock at the door. Who comes visiting during the final moments of an England World Cup match? My boss...Made him watch the end for punishment and so he'll have some credibility with the Year 6 boys during Assembly on Monday.

Went for a walk on the beach this evening to catch some cool breezes. Made J buy me a lemontop for nostagia's sake and managed to drip lots of it down my tshirt. I just Googled both lemontop (and lemon top) and Pacito's and got nothing in the right vein. Hands up who else's childhoods included lemontop cornets.

Trouble with a camera that fits nicely into a handbag is the crappy zoom. Time to invest up, I think.

Lots of people affected badly by pre, during and post football booze and sun this evening. Spotted quite a few staggerers around town and noted some rather erratic driving, which is worrying.
The other bizarre World Cup phenomenon is that everyone is dressed as a footballer today - in shorts and an England shirt. Problem is that nylon shirt+ 32 dgree heat = unsurmountable task for anti-perspirant = some extremely unpleasant body odours wafting around. Let's hope everyone gets their shirt washed before Thursday.


Yvonne said...

I avoided the football by visiting a new yarn shop that had air conditioning - bliss!

I remember lemontopsfrom my time in Newcastle, just the memory was enough to make me salivate.

I've ditched all of my knitting projects to start the Lotus Lace Tank from IK - thought it might be a good idea to get it knitted whilst there's still achance of wearing it this summer

Emma said...

I love your garden ! The Iris are beautiful.
If I see one more Eng-er-lund flag I'll scream !

Anonymous said...

Football fever is hitting Ireland also, the roads are empty when the matches are on.
Any visits from the postie yet?
Your Secret Pal

Louise said...

what does a lemon top consist off? I visited Whitstable on Saturday and couldn't get a decent ice cream along the beach, only that self-pasteurizing swirly stuff...

Gill said...

Hi Secret Pal! Nothing from the postie yet. Should we start to worry? The post here is usually quite reliable. I even went to the post office to check if they had anything for me.

Anonymous said...

It could be from this side. I think I posted it on Thursday last. Wait until tomorrow and if there is still nothing, leave me a message and I'll contact our post office to see if I can find out anything. I hope its not lost!
Secret Pal

Cherry Rolfe said...

Do you happen to know the name of the beautiful yellow Iris with the white falls? Not Lemon Top is it?