Saturday, June 17, 2006

Postie's been!

It's here, it's here! After a worrying time wondering what was happening with the post my Secret Pal's parcel arrived this morning - beautifully wrapped in silver, purple and green. Inside: a wonderful selection of items with an Irish theme. Thank you for putting so much thought into this.

The yarn is Space by Tivoli and will make a lovely soft scarf. (My favourite colour combinations too). There are some gorgeous stitch markers with beautiful purpley glass beads too. My Secret Pal has talent as well as good taste; speaking of which, chocolate bunnies! The solid perfume is lovely too - heather and moss, sweet and green smelling. Thank you so much, I was thrilled (and relieved!) to receive this package.

It has been so hot today - too hot for knitting outside even, but poor J has spent the day building wardrobes in the study to house more of our stuff. Lots of space for yarn and craft things :)I was so glad a friend was helping him and not me. We don't DIY well together. Too much swearing and shouting I'm afraid. Very much a Mars meets Venus thing, I think. Also, one day of sawing and using power tools costs me four days of fibro flare up these days so better to keep away on any number of levels.
He didn't get finished until late and when we went out for a short drive this evening the day was settling into a misty but warm thick haze. Very twilight zone. Feels like thunder on the way - I love a good thunderstorm.

I was sneaking around the garden very early this morning, trying to capture some of the plants in our front garden. The sun only gets there in the mornings, but everything is trying very hard for us.
This is the one of the most recent flowering irises - Old Gold, I think.

And another, a flag iris which was miserable in the ground last year so J stuck it in a pot and spoke kindly to it.

Last Autumn we bought a couple of old fashioned rambling roses and put them against our trellis screen. They smell gorgeous but become overblown and drop quickly.

The tallest of the scabious love the heat and soften the hard standing for the cars beautifully.

Knitting pictures soon. I am still debating frogging the San Fran Shirttail. The colour is depressing me and what seemed like a subtle mix of shell and driftwood now just seems beige... oh dear. Feels nice though, so I'm wondering about finishing it and dying it. Problem is, I'm just not enjoying it as I hoped I would.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so glad you got it!
Hope you can make good use of it all.
Your garden is putting mine to shame, lovely photo's
A relieved Secret Pal

Laurie Dolan White said...

I swear i smelled that rose for a second when i saw the picture! thank you