Sunday, January 07, 2007

Extreme Makeover, Ravelling Edition

Have been suffering the consequences of having moved so much furniture and spent so much time on step ladders on Friday at school. Friday night and all day Saturday devoted to a full blown flare and J telling me how he had told me so-could have predicted this would happen-I should have known better-when will I learn etc etc etc. Well, I suppose it's only fair as he is the one who has to put up with the grimmacing and groaning and helping me lift my leg in and out of the car...

Anyway. I've found the answer to my Resolution quandries over at Geek Foo. A random resolution generator that takes all the hard work out of think up a resolution. This is mine:

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Become a slut.

Get your resolution here.

In case this goes the way of all other resolutions, I'm keeping my options open and allowing J to continue on the kitchen remodelling.
Here he is having a busman's holiday:

I wish I had a wide angle lens, but I guess this gives some indication of how horrible the kitchen is at present.

Now that j and I are back to school, J is keeping his work schedule clear for a couple of weeks to work on our house.

I am keeping out of the way and working on this:

I haven't given up the walking, but have got rid of the tracker as it refused to update the way it was supposed to.

4 down, 96 to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing - sit and have a cup of tea or coffee and knit-- dr rho here :D

It doesn't help but at least J acknowledges your fibro - mine is in denial and says I am napping if I lie down for a bit while in a flare (I wish!) or that I am tired if I have to stop for a few minutes while walking - I shouldn't be surprised because that is his personality - but sometimes I just want to strangle him :D

Keep your pedometer on so you track your daily steps anyway - I just did a print out of a sheet showing the days of the week and squares to fill in along with a total square at the end. I am hopeless at spread sheets on the computer.

btw - went to chiropractor and feel better and she encouraged me strongly to go to doctor and get a script of pain meds - so I did and got 30--- which will help during the trip at least...

Elle said...

I'm very keen to see how your Boobalicious turns out. I haven't attempted anything out of my Big Girl Knits yet although I am thinking of doing this times KAL on the Big Girl Knits list. I'll be back to see your progress :)