Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking forwards

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year's Eve found us being totally boring old farts - including a 15 year old old fart - and staying home. I was fighting off a flare and we were all exhausted. I fell asleep in front of the telly at 10ish and was woken by J in time to go to bed well before midnight. I slept through all the fireworks and festivities and, do you know what? I don't care :)

Yesterday, New Year's Day, we had J's father over for dinner. There are some 'tensions' within J's family at times so it's always difficult to know what to expect. Yesterday he regaled us with stories about Saddam Hussein's execution for starters and it was downhill from there, so less said, the better. j was disappointed that he had missed the 'best bits of bigotry' by the time he joined us. I'm glad he can see the humour in it and dismiss the ideas and beliefs.

Resolutions! How many must I have made and not kept over the years?

Why should this year be any different?

I would like to:

  • reduce the size of my stomach

  • stop buying things I don't really want or need from eBay

  • keep up with this blog

  • reduce the size of my stash

To this end I am joining in:

- to use up lots of the sock yarn in my stash already and maintain that sense of accomplishment that comes from finished objects


- to force myself to face up to the stash and get it down (with a view to replenishing it some time with new things)


Thanks to Rho for that last one.

I'm off to find my pedometer.


rho said...

Yippe for joining me on the 100 miles by 4/1 -- and thanks for the extra spoon wishes I am going to need them for sure :D

Anonymous said...

Happy new year from your secret pal.
Why not combine all those resolutions and knit 100 miles instead, it might be fun.
I hope 2007 is very fiberous for you.
lots of love
me x

Elle said...

I can d the sock knitting from the stash, but 100 miles running? I'd struggle with 100 miles walking :) I'll go along with anonymous and knit the 100 miles instead.

Happy New Year!