Thursday, January 04, 2007

First steps

Setting the record straight: I intend to walk 100 miles by April, not run. If I ran there would be seismelogical events all over the North East of England and I would end up in Coronary Care. So, walking it is. Need to find some way of displaying the distance covered on my blog.

I've spent most of today preparing for going back to work :( I have some teaching commitment in Spring term so I've been doing all those things like lesson planning and cutting out letters for display that used to occupy so much more of my life. Still, it will be really nice to have a class that's almost mine for a while.

I have actually started to use some stash! I cast on for Boobalicious, from Big Girl Knits the other evening. I'm doing it in Silke Tweed in this colourway.

Was worried that it might feel wooly next to my skin, but it seems to be more like raw silk or linen and if it is wooly, I'll turn it into a tank top (sweater vest).

The building work progresses slightly. We have been looking at uPVC exterior doors as our existing back door wobbles in its frame and there is a howling gale in the kitchen. Not conducive to cosy eating at the dining table. Problem is they are sooooo ugly! I can have moulding, mock leading, real leading, gilt trim, you name it. But can I have plain glass, plain frame? Might be back to the drawing board on this one.


Bobbi said...

I'm walking too for many of the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

did you see my blog that my pedometer didn't work today -- ugh - I know I did a few miles at least -- even though it felt like 100 --

Stupid pedometer.... grrr