Friday, January 05, 2007

Nike minus

So, I got a new pedometer. Not exactly Nike+, because I don't exactly have the Nike+ shoes, lifestyle or body. In fact, I imagine they would pay me not to use their products.

Today I wore it all day while I went into school to do a little work on the classroom I'm sharing from next week and what with one thing and another, I appear to have walked almost 2 miles today. I knew there had to be an advantage somewhere of having three buildings make up our school.

I'm wearing my two miles with pride and have found a ticker to chart my progress.

Why is there not a Nike Knitting+ kind of gadget, that would upload rows and decreases to my iPod? Actually, I don't have an iPod! I love the look of them, but I have iTunes on my Powerbook and listen to music on that and in the car, when I'm by myself. Most of my life is spent with other people so it never seemed appropriate to get one.

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