Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No grouse

- found out today that it isn't a grouse living in our garden. She's grown a long tail and is identifiably a female pheasant.

These aren't brilliant pictures - she'd very shy around me, but spends her days hopping around near J.

Thank you for all the messages of support we've had. J is feeling much better and has been taking things easier this week.

I got my Ravelry invite last week and have been pottering about on the site. If you're over there, I'm ravelling - add me to your friends list. It's great to look at other people's finished objects.

I'm inspired to have a go at Sally Mellville's Enstein jacket.


lorinda said...

Wishing good health to you and J. What a lovely little friend living in your garden!

And congrats on your Ravelry invite. I figure I should get mine in about 2 weeks.

Barbara-Kay said...

Ooh, a pheasant! Each local has its interesting fauna; we gaze out at our lake and watch the Egret try to defend her territory against an invading Blue Heron. Yet, we must observe from afar. J has been blessed with this feathered companion!

rho said...

I think the pictures are great - very artistic - and how fun to have a feathered friend in your yard.

sending soft hugs to both you and J - keep taking it easy for a bit k?