Sunday, September 09, 2007

Picture Post

Went for a longer walk this afternoon as we didn't get out much this week. Took some shots of the South bank of the Tees at Teesmouth from North Gare. Back home I found that I have some nifty software that stitches photos together to make a panorama. Next time I'll try to get shots right around the bay. I quite like this!

While we were walking we met this chap. He was bored with the fishing his owner was doing...

Catching up with some crafting swaps. These ATCs are for a swap on the theme of books. I'm quite amused by the 'dirty books' one. It's based on the furore surrounding Lady Chatterly's Lover in Penguin in the 1960s.

These are Call Me Ishmael collages - Moby Dick.

Finally, on the needles entrelac scarf in silk garden (my first attempt at entrelac, but not my last. I'm hooked!):

inspired by the English plum season:

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owl knits said...

Hi! I was investigating my fellow ISE5 swappers and came by to take a look at your blog.

Stopped to comment here because, I'm really adicted to entrelac. In fact I pretty sure my swap apl will be getting an entrelac scarf. I taught myself to knit "backwards," so I don't have to flip my knitting every row, and it makes a huge difference. The Noro yarn is so pretty! A great choice for enrelac.