Monday, September 17, 2007

Our weekend

On Saturday morning I took J to our nearest A&E department with chest pain. He'd been back to work the week before and I knew he was exhausted but it seems he just did too much. So we ended up in resus again. No changes to his ECG and no troponins (cardiac muscle proteins) - so no new damage, but he ended up in the emergency assessment unit all weekend... which was a sad as well as worrying as it was j's 16th birthday and my brother and his wife and my niece had come to visit.
J's out again now and we're facing the possibilities that he has developed angina or has simply pulled some chest muscles.
I'm really tired.


Rowena Hopkirk said...

Blessings and well wishes!!

Emma said...

So sorry to read that. Take good care of yourselves. Try and get some rest.
Getting older is a complete pain. In so many ways. Nature's big joke.
I think it can be hard, for men in particular, to re-focus thinking. To take some emphasis off ''work''.
''LIFE'' is better ! Even without work.
Hope you all regain some equilibrium quickly after this scare.
Happy birthday to j.

Janet MF said...

Thinking of you all and hope J continues to improve.
Janet MF up in Yellowknife

Ruth said...

Hi Gill, sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he gets well soon.
Hows your Fm doping? havnt seen you around on the forum for a while, but geuss you're 'otherwise occupied'. best wishes

Grace Yaskovic said...

thinking of you all, take care of yourself so you can take care of him!!! Prayers going your way Grace

rho said...

Well Hell! That totally sucks for your and J. Hopefully it was a pulled muscle and exhaustion.

Sending good thoughts and soft hugs ...

Anonymous said...

I hope he's feeling better, take care of youself while you are caring for him.
Praying for you all,
Secret Spoiler