Monday, September 24, 2007

A Knit One, Tea Two Thank You!

How exciting!
I came home from a difficult day at work today to find a parcel from Maine. It's from Cindy, who is my Knit One Tea Two spoiler. And what a good job she did of spoiling us. I say us, as some of the items she sent were sent kindly for j. He sends his thanks too.

Here's the parcel porn shots!

The tea all looks gorgeous. I'm looking forward to exploring red teas. That large strainer I love the knitted cup cosy and the yarn is wonderful. I'm tempted to cast on straight away! The Icebreakers, Skittles gum, Atomic Fireballs and Maine lobster seem to have disappeared upstairs already...

Thank you again, Cindy! We'll keep in touch on Ravelry!

Edited to Add...

I've just stopped laughing...! J was just in the study talking to j, when he spotted the sweets. j gave him an Atomic Fireball. The hooting, squealing and running around in agony has just stopped!!!


Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

What a great package you got!

Happy sipping! :-)

zippiknits said...

Ouch! I want some of those Atomic Fireball thingies. hehe Will search out vendor.

Bets said...

I must try to join a tea swap sometime, looks like fun! My husband eats those Atomic Fireballs all the time and loves them :)