Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, I can tell it's becoming Autumn again by the cool of the air in the morning, the chestnuts in the shops, the darker evenings and the fact that I've got my first cold of the season!

I love the Autumn. My thoughts turn to winter yarns and winter recipes. Soups, stews and scarves.

This is the yarn for my ISE 5 exchange scarf. It's Debbie Bliss Maya - which has been discontinued, but they still have it at Bobby Davison's in Hartlepool. I just wish it had been reduced along with the discontinuation. It may become a My So Called Scarf.

And this is the sock I am making for Harvest Sock Swap. It's a modified version of a pattern called Heatwave I found on Ravelry. Oh, Ravelry! How many hours have I lost in there since I got my invite?

I was blog hopping from the Hogwarts Sock Swap blog the other day and found a link to some Harry Potter fan fiction. Now, as someone who regularly has to plough through 11 year olds' reworking of the series handed in as original work fan fiction is somewhere I don't usually go. This one was good, however...if you like Severus Snape...and if you are prepared to believe in his humanity...


Rushton said...

I clicked my own profile and found yours! My interests are knitting, reading, and chocolate as well - our book interests match and our movies are not far apart. Such a lark to find my doppleganger!
I knit blankies for the local hospital's preemie ward as well as trying to knit my stash this year.
My blog is mainly about my life - not so often about knitting - but you'd be a welcome guest.

Miss Tonia said...

Hi! Love the yarn, and I am wishing it was a little cooler here for wool knitting, it's unseasonably warm for us this year.

Love the Harvest Sock! Oh, and what's your Ravelry name, so I can add you as a friend?

Cinders said...

Hi gill,
love the colours of the DB Maya, very seasonal.