Sunday, October 28, 2007

Out of the dark

Finally, the day before I have to go back to work I'm starting to feel better. I can walk without coughing a whole lung out and can sometimes breath through one of my nostrils. My family have become immune to the coughing and can now sleep through it. I would feel guilty about our neighbour having to put up with it if it wasn't for the noisy sex that we have to endure when he has a willing participant. Have you seen Fight Club....?


Just about finished a cardigan for Evie Alice. It's a variation of the Mason Dixon baby kimono - but I prefer these sleeves. Just needs buttons and blocking. Can you believe this took three and a half skeins of Alpaca Silk? How does anyone afford to knit an adult (ok, me...) sized garment out of this stuff? It feels gorgeous though.

A new yarn on the block for me - Claudia's Handpainted Yarn in Boot Camp and Desert Dream. Absolutely gorgeous and with me only thanks to the blogless (I think) Yarn Doc - a fellow Raveller. This will be a Chevron Scarf eventually. I chose the yarn colours as I was looking for something Autumnal. Not that we seem to be getting much of an Autumn here. Last night the wind brought lots of leaves down, but they aren't getting much beyond yellow.

Although it was 15 degrees C on the beach this morning, we've had some frosty nights. So J has "wrapped" the deck for the winter. The sheets of plexiglass go up and then all the tender things come in from the cold to shelter against the house. It means he can grow lots of things that wouldn't normally survive this far north, but without having to lose ground to a greenhouse.

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lazylol said...

Glad you are feeling better. I am ill too. It must be this time of year. I'm not sure whether I prefer to be ill during work time and spend my sick days off feeling really guilty about work or being ill in the holidays and wasting my holiday time?! Working with kids I am always catching a bug or something!
I love the idea of surrounding the decking with plastic in the winter. I've love to see more pics of this as it's something I could use myself.