Saturday, November 03, 2007

By all these lovely tokens...

There's a definite chill in the air now and we're starting to see signs of Autumn in the garden. I was worried that we'd go straight from green to brown and dead, missing out the beautiful middle bit.

This is how J 'wraps' the deck for winter. The deck has a plexiglass roof all year round - so we can sit outside in a typical Northern Summer. In the Autumn he adds plastic panels to the wooden frame, enclosing it all except a doorway. When the Winter really sets in, if it snows he adds a heavy-duty polythene sheet over the doorway. It means all his tender (and expensive) specimens survive even the harshest winters.

The maples are turning.

The quinces are fruiting.

The Copper Beech is, well, copper...

I have finally found something that works with the large quantities of rather fuzzy aplaca I bought.

It's another attempt at the San Francisco Shirtail from Just One More Row. I like the way it's working out.

All of my winter swaps are safely off in the post: Coffee Swap, Harvest Sock Swap, International Scarf Exchange. The parcels have been travelling to and from work with me for a week, but I've kept missing the post office opening hours. At least they're all on their way now.

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Rowena Hopkirk said...

What gorgeous fall colors! I just love your pictures of nature.

I had to check out the San Francisco shirttail top. It's a pretty top, but I'm at a loss to see a connection to San Francisco. Good luck with it!