Tuesday, November 20, 2007

OK, it's personal

...Blogger just hates mac! So, I'm writing this post on J's PC. The one with the crappy Z board keyboard that j broke so he swapped it with his dad's. How does J put up with this?

Anyway...trying not to let the inconsequentials get me down and moving on.
This sock and I went to London this weekend to take part in a marking pilot for KS2 SATS - tests at the end of Primary School for all 11 year olds - and we were very tired when we got back.
Here it is looking grey and limp in a GNER standard seat. I looked very much the same.

When we got back this parcel from Deb was waiting for us.

It's a coffee swap package and it made me very excited. I ended up being allocated two swap partners in this year's coffee swap and things were getting so complicated that I decided to just sit back and enjoy being involved in both swaps. Deb lives in Riverbank Ca, which looks lovely. So much nicer than grey Teesside at this time of year. I do hope my parcels arrive with Deb and Natalie soon. I posted them 2 weeks ago and this can be a tricky time in the postal world. Oh, for a Moist Von Lipwig round here!

Deb truly spoiled us (I say us as all those sweets you can see disappeared in various directions as soon as J and j saw them)with gorgeous items. The coffee - from Ritual - is delicious, there is the most amazing kaleidescope to help make creative colour choices with yarn and talking of yarn:

I'll have another go at photographing this in better light, but it's Shimmer from Knitpicks. I know just what I want to try. It's this. Apologies for the fact that it's a Ravelry link, but I can't find it anywhere else.

I love this too:

Deb works on Rennaisance Fairs (not fair, I want to work on Rennaisance fairs too!)and this mug was made by another crafter on the fair. I love blue studio pottery. So much so that I have shelves like this:

This is all from the Wold Pottery at various points in its history.

Thanks again Deb!


Diane in Chico, CA said...

Hi, UK friend. I've been reading about various swaps in your blog. I'm a swapping virgin. Can you explain how they work?


Deb said...

So glad you like your package. It appears I got very lucky on the blue mug, didn't I? Still waiting for my package, hope it arrives soon. My daughter wants to see it before she moves to New Jersey next week! Take care.