Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is it only Wednesday?

4am and I can't sleep, although I'm really tired.

Monday - Trip to Teesmouth Field Centre with our class. Great fun and lovely to see so many of our student engaged and participating. Reflected that I should maybe have a door fitted in my classroom and teach half of them outside. It was bitterly cold and so many parents sent their children in dressed for a walk on a spring morning - not prepared to face the evils of the North East Coast in November.
Took some wonderful pictures, but this isn't the place to show them. We have to be so careful with children's images. It's sad really.

I had to leave the trip at lunchtime to go to the funeral of one of our school Governors,an amazing lady.

Tuesday - must have spent 4 hours of my working day unravelling a friendship problem that had escalated into something more complicated. On top of the usual plate spinning, juggling and trying to do a good job of teaching... at least my missing wolf has been returned to me... don't ask, he's a puppet. Did I tell you I do puppets? Only at work.

Then...'an opportunity' has arisen to do another job, similar to mine, in more challenging circumstances, in January. It's come from somewhere, a bit like an offer from Don Corleone - one you can't refuse. Trouble is, it definitely wouldn't be on my list of top 10 most wanted appointments. Oh, well. Oh, Hell!


Cinders said...

Hi Gill,
That coast looks lovely, but cold!
Isnt it sad nowadays that you cant put picutres up if they have kids on? We're not all warped twisted people, but unfortunately there are some.who would take advantage.
hope you sorted the friend problem out.

Grace Yaskovic said...

sending positive thoughts and prayers that all your kinks get worked out!!!