Monday, November 05, 2007


Going to Birmingham today for a conference tomorrow. Couldn't find a train that would get there in time tomorrow morning and there are no airlines that go there from our local airposrt any more. Don't want to drive as it would mean hitting Junction 6 of the M6 at 8am.
What a performance! I used to travel a lot in my job, but I decided to stop some time ago and this simple, small overnight trip has me unsettled.

I'm off to finda small knitting project to take with me.


natalie said...

By "small knitting project?" do you mean "sock", or "mitten" aka the next sock-thing?


ps is the word verification thing getting longer, the worse my eyesight gets?

rho said...

dont you just hate rush hour traffic especially in an area you don't go every day and then add the junction to the mix yikes

hope the conference was worth it. :D

blog-blethers said...

Hope you've found the perfect project to take with you! Completely understand your wish to avoid the M6 during rush hour... my personal nightmare one is the merging of the M5/M6. Yeuchhh!

Great pictures from the beach - the one of your shadows is brilliant:) Those wee pansies are just perfect for lifting our moods - as are those lovely new boots! Hope they're comfy!