Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend at last

Finally the weekend and we can relax. J is having a whole week off as he's really tired. I worry that he overdoes things, but at least he seems to be able to recognise that he needs a break before work wears him down completely. He had a birthday this week - 53 years old. He's not really bothered about birthdays, but we were chatting over our breakfast latte and both gave thanks for the fact that he's around to see his birthday.

Changing the subject totally...
I love this yarn. It's Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Old Rose.

I'm knitting another pair of Jaywalkers. It was an easy pattern to start on the train and J felted my last pair with his enthusiastic approach to laundry.

Butternut squash was plentiful at the organic farm today. I made butternut squash and roast red pepper soup. Excuse the lack of glamour in presentation, but I just loved the colour so much.


zippiknits said...

Well, the soup is beautiful. So many soups making it up onto blogs and soup is comfort. I'm glad you guy got the rest that he needed. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your J.

I love that sock pattern. It's on my someday list. The yarn is beautiful. Too bad about the felting. It's happened here. Finally I hung a little mesh bag up and all the handknit "tinies" go into it. I'm still not a believer that they can go through the dryer and not suffer.

Barbara-Kay said...

Happy Birthday to J!

The soup does indeed look yummy. Just the thing for an autumn evening!

Rowena Hopkirk said...

HA! Is that a pair of Harmony Needles I see?!?!?!

lazylol said...

The soup looks lovely. I am making some today to make to work for lunches. I will have to try some butternut squash next time.

Yarn Devil said...

Your socks look beautiful! I especially like the yarn!!! Very Pretty!