Thursday, November 22, 2007


I found this in my stash:

The plummy colour isn't showing up correctly here - the flash has made it look much bluer. Nevermind.

The timing was just right as I was going out this weekend to look for something to make the Juliet knitted waistcoat in. I've been wondering about this pattern for a while, but the beauty of Ravelry is that I've had chance to see it on a variety of body shapes and sizes.

I'm optimistic it will work, but if it doesn't it will have been a quick knit anyway. I cast on a couple of evenings ago, but no pictures yet. It feels hard on the hands to be knitting with something so heavy after a long period of socks and lightweight yarns.

I finished the first Cherry Tree Hill Jaywalker: here it is looking lots brighter than it did on the train last week.

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