Thursday, October 04, 2007

In the groove again

Got my knitting groove back in time for the Autumn/Winter and seem to be getting some things actually finished.

This is my Noro Silk Garden Entrelac Scarf. I love the colour combinations in this yarn and I really enjoyed the entrelac. Much easier than I thought. It's out of my system now, as it actually got a bit boring as I hit the fourth ball.

While I was getting J to photograph the scarf I thought I'd ask him to do me a picture I can use as an avatar on ravelry. This is a closer shot of the new autumn haircut and one of my new pairs of specs.

This is my swatch for my International Scarf Exchange knit - My So Called Scarf. I'm going to knit my scarf wider than the pattern as I think it looks a little thin. I think I'm going to go for 36 or 38 stitches instead of 30. I've got 4 skeins of Maya so I should have plenty of yarn.

This is my Harvest Sock Swap sock. Twinkletoes Sock Yarn. It's coming on well.

Finally, a gratuitous picture of my pheasant. Should really say, J's pheasant. He feeds her twice a day and she comes right up to him when he appears in the garden. It's still a really odd site in an urban garden. "Oh, that - that's just our pheasant..."

J update: we went to see J's cardiologist today as he's been having some aching in his chest and we were anxious about it and worried that he, perhaps, had angina. Everything's fine and the pains are likely to be muscle tension.


rho said...

First off Yea on the J and only muscle tension :D

Second I just love the new do and the new specs -- And of course the scarf - I have to add that to my loooong list of things I want to do.

Rowena Hopkirk said...

Oh, Narcissa, you and your scarf look marvelous! :)

Gill said...

Why, thank you :)

Betty said...

A fellow Hogwarts, Tea, and Harvest Sock Swap knitter but not your pal for any of these. I saw your Enterlac scarf and I love the colors. What Silk Garden colorway number did you use? Could you comment back to the entry or send me the info at I was just trying the pattern today and I think I have it but I'm not quite sure if I am making the right connections between the first row of triangles and the rectangles.

I love your haircut and your glasses - I wish I could get mine through the grow out stage (everytime it gets slightly over my ears I run and get it cut because its been so hot where I live and I do like haircuts (the way it feels when the weight is lifted off). Where your glasses from Lenscrafters and if so what are they called?

Feel free to answer any or none of my questions - I know how busy you must be. Thanks

Diane in Chico, CA said...

Yes, great news about J's health!

Love your garden bird. What a treat :-)

The entrelac scarf is terrific. I've never done an entire finished thing in entrelac, but learning it did introduce me to knitting back backwards.

New haircut and glass are good too!

Must have been a good day!