Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In response to all the searchers

If you have a blog and have a visitor-tracking system, it's interesting to see what people are searching for when they arrive at the blog. Some of the search strings have me totally perplexed. How did a search for hampswaite bloomers lead to me? And why are people Googling this anyway?

Anyway - a common search that brings people to me is NPQH Final Assessment. If you are a person searching for information on NPQH you will know what I'm on about, if you don't, don't worry about it. You probably won't ever need to know.

So here's the deal. you may have arrived here because I posted a couple of years ago that I'd had my final assessment. Later, that I'd passed. I can't tell anyone the details of the final assessment day activities because that's how it works - on integrity - no-one is supposed to tell. It's how I imagine the Masons might work, except I can tell you that I didn't have to roll up any trouser legs and there were no pinnies involved.

When you reach the Final Assessment day, if you've done the work to get there (which you must have done to get there) and you've survived the residential without getting pissed and sleeping with one of the tutors and without throwing coffee on that irritating secondary ICT adviser who is in your group and hasn't ever managed a school but thinks he knows it all - well, you'll be fine.

If you can remember the rules of negotiation, work as a member of a team, listen carefully and speak clearly, prioritise and have a soul, you'll get through.

I did.

With no development points.

Good luck!

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