Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's cold and wet and I'm exhausted.

Since his heart attack, last year, J gets regular 'stitch-like' pains in his chest. They come and go quickly and usually when he's stressed. He doesn't have angina and hisconsultant says these aren't cardiac in nature. Usually, he ignores them and gets on with life. Last night he had quite a few and we were all quite worried. Eventually, at about 8:30pm, he agreed to let me take him to the hospital to get them checked out. The y kept him in overnight, but we had to wait until 1am for a bed on the Assessment Unit to be free. To say they are busy on that unit would be an understatement.
j and I got home really late (early?) and I didn't sleep well. J was ok overnight, but awake all night because of the general chaos and an unfortunate gentleman whose IV alarm went off all the time. This morning I went in early to take J some fruit and bottled water (won't eat hospital food or drink the water - and don't ask about his MRSA fears!) and the consultant was doing roundsso I stayed. (Cast on a new hospital sock)
Upshot is, he's ok. No new ECG changes and blood enzymes all ok. Got home by lunchtime (which is something of a record) with out patient appointments and a cost of only £8 in parking for the two visits. It always feels like adding insult to injury when you are wandering about the car park in the middle of the night after an emergency, trying to find a machine that will take notes and give change.

Fell asleep halfway round a row of Susie this afternoon - I feel an early night coming on.


Cinders said...

Hi Gill,
glad J is o.k.
I've just caught up on all your blogging. you've knitted some beautiful tops there and very quickly too.

Grace Yaskovic said...

i am happy to hear J is okay!!!