Saturday, September 27, 2008

Would you dare?

bungee jump from the Transporter Bridge? I wouldn't but we watched some brave souls doing it:

I still feel a bit sick just thinking about it.

Give me a quiet walk on the beach any day.

On the needles: I've just started my second Monkey sock. I'm very happy with the way the first came out. The yarn and pattern work well together.Pictures as soon as I get this one finished.

The cooler weather has inspired me to look at hat and scarf patterns. I'm thinking about knitting a cowl as I've seen some really nice ones on ravelry and I think they would workwell with my walking jacket for winter.

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PetalDuster said...

Nice to see scenes of home - I'm from Teesside too. I know a lot of people think industry is ugly but I find Teesside at night one of the prettiest things - when it's all lit up in miles of twinkles.

A cowl is also on my knitting to-do list, I figured it would be something mindless I could do infront of the TV. I've found that all the complicated knits I've tackled (which are very few because I'm just a beginner) take too long to finish. I'm an impatient knitter who likes to wear the results asap!!

I look forward to seeing pictures of your finished cowl.

Heather x