Saturday, October 25, 2008

A break at last

This is always one of my favourite school breaks of the whole year. It's always very welcome as the start of any school year is always hectic. We've had a lot going on recently, and this last week has been an absolutely s*$%@y week for one reason and another.
Anyway - 10 days off!

I managed to get a hair appointment yesterday with a stylist I haven't used before and she was wonderful. It's not often I feel happy with my hair as I leave the salon. Even my last sylist (who I loved, but who moved away) used too many sticky products so I always washed it again when I got home. This still feels like my hair and I don't look 84 or like I'm trying to look 24. I just look like me, but with a nicer hair style, so I'm happy.

I received a package of stitch markers from the Ankh-Morpork Knitters Guild swap this week.

If you've read any Discworld, you'll be able to work out their significance.

I've added my section to the latest travelling scarf to arrive. Lucybeth asked for her scarf to be in greys and blacks so I've added a basketweave stitch section in black James C Brett Merino. I love this yarn.

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