Sunday, October 12, 2008

Travelling Scarves

This is a new thing for me.
I've joined the Ravelry Travelling Scarves Group (Ravelry link). The idea is that 12-14 people sign up to work on a travelling scarf for each member of the circle. Everyone starts off their scarf and then sends it to the next person who knits a section and sends it on to the next person and so on, until it comes back to the original owner who completes it and casts off. It's a nice idea, I think. My circle is based in UK and Europe.

This is the scarf section I started:

It's in the post to my downstream knitter now.

And this is the scarf I received from the knitter upstream of me, with my addition. Next week I'll post it off to the next knitter to add her bit.

It's an interesting challenge to find yarn in my stash that will enable me to fulfill the brief in the notes from the original knitter and get guage so she doesn't have to compensate by extreme blocking when it comes back to her. I think my section works well.

Also in the post this week:

These are some Discworld themed stitch markers I have made for a swap on Ravelry. I also made a little bag to contain them. I do hope the recipient likes them. They inspired me to read Small Gods, which I hadn't read until now. Now I have to make a knitted Om, which I will base on Sheldon.

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