Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Real treats

I got a lovely package in the post this week. I had to practise patience for a while, though as our postpeople have decided that, when we are not at home, they will take mail back to the sorting office in the next town. It always used to get left at our local sub-post officeand I would walk round and collect it after work. The sorting office, however, only opens 7:30 until 12:30. I've already left for work by 7:30 and can't get back until evening, so it has to be weekends only. Anyway, moan over. I eventually got my lovely package from Pauline and it certainly was worth waiting for.

The yarn is gorgeous, as is the scarf she made for me. I realise that I have not included the book she sent me, as it's sitting on my bedside table! It's the Interweave Knits sock book. Lovely!

More treats at work. We're in our eighth week of school and it's nearly the half term holidays.

We made cinnamon cookies at school today - and hollowed out some pumpkins. We'll put faces (smiley, not satanic) on them tomorrow. My class have worked hard this half term and deserve a treat or two. I love seeing their faces when we take some time to do something just for fun.

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