Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Hospital sock

We had excitement that we could have quite happily lived without on Monday night. Result was J being 'blue-lighted' hospital and spending the night on Coronary Care. He hasn't had another heart attack, but has viral pericarditis. Nasty.

Anyway, to keep my mind away from the scenarios that being a natural catastrophyser produces, I cast on another hospital sock for him. I used a toe-up pattern and Wabi-Sabi sock yarn. The yarn is gorgeous, but difficult for my poor, aged eyes to see in the dim light of an intensive care facility in the middle of the night. I'm not enjoying the pattern, as I think the toe shapings look messy and the fit is way too wide for even J's size 12's.

Now that he's safely home I can find a new pattern - or simply go back the the one I always use for men's socks.

1 comment: said...

So glad Joe is home. The Husband was in last January after a major accident and the hat I knit for his 3X head would have been a better fit for a gorilla. Stress! Who can explain what it does to one's knitting?