Saturday, January 08, 2011

Wild tides

J has rested since he was discharged from hospital earlier this week - if you define resting as cleaning the house, sorting out his equipment for work and going to the cash and carry.

So, after being checked out by our GP this morning and having a sensible blood pressure again (Monday night's was 80/49!) we took up our walking programme again.

There were wild tides last night by the look of the beach - all the steps and walkways from the promenade are covered with sand and debris, and lots of rocks, which are normally well-covered by the beach, have been exposed.
We don't often see this boat skeleton:

Only had my phone camera with me today, so appologies for the poor quality of the pictures.

The unusual amount of interesting sea life that has been beached has brought a spectacular number and diversity of seabirds, too.

Most interesting spot of the morning was this:

It's a Ray's Bream, we think, with razor-sharp teeth. Or maybe, it's a pirhana with SatNav issues...

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