Sunday, April 01, 2012

I'm so over it now.

It's just as well Amazon are having a Kindle sale at the moment, as my page-turning-button finger has been on overdrive. This neck business is really frustrating. I'm completely fed up with it now. This morning it does feel as though things are taking a turn for the better. I am moving easier - got out of bed without having to wake J to push me upright - and I'm holding off on the painkillers for a while.

Yeaterday morning I scared myself. I couldn't remember how many, if any, painkillers I'd taken during the night. J and j took them off me and had me on a very strictly controlled timetable all day, just in case I did a MJ.
I'm starting to see how easily overdose could happen, especially if the drugs you are taking make you confused and sleepy. Good job I've got the pill police on the case.

I want to get better quickly. I need to be able to use my arms and move around. On my Easter list is:
  • knitting
  • spinning
  • helping J empty the deck/porch, replace its roof and build an extension to it
  • strip the old varnish off the garden furniture and re-treat with teak oil
  • planting my potatoes (traditionally done on Good Friday)

These are some pink fir apple potatoes, chitting in the sun on my kitchen windowsill. I love these, boiled in their skins with butter and a bit of parsley.

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