Friday, April 06, 2012

Reclamation and refurbishment 2

J and I have been doing a spot of DIY. We try to avoid it when we can, as we don't work well as a team under pressure and tend to bicker a bit. It always works out ok in the end but the process can be difficult. J has OCD leanings and I can be a bit slapdash.

The roof of our deck area needed to be replaced as the plexiglass had seen much better days. This meant that everything had to come off in order to get at the roof. J over-winters his tender plants there and his horrible cactus collection lives on there permanently. Oops, that was a bit of a giveaway, wasn't it?!



 We're using this as the opportunity to have a good clean, retreat the wood and have a general tidy up. P, who used to work for J, came to help.


The tender plants have a new, temporary shelter on my new seating area! Better looked after than me!

J's collection of 'weird shit', as j calls it, has been revealed in its true g(l)ory. Some of the pieces are lovely, some are horrible, some just weird. All have been a bit hidden. Now we can begin the 'what goes back' discussions...

Can you guess what J used to do for a living?

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